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Satellite image of Madia habitat


As shown in the above satellite image, the land of the Madias is full of forests and hills, it is so beautiful! If we care for our land well, it will always sustain us. But if we indiscriminately cut trees, burn the forest and kill the wildlife, then the land will become barren and unfruitful. Then no one will be able to live here any more.


The people and language of the Madia Gonds are also known as gayta. They are found residing in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, and in the Narayanpur and Bijapur districts of Chhattisgarh. Be sure to see our PHOTOS section for details about the images in the slideshow below.

बीनागुंडाता डोडा

गुंडेनोळ्क, पोळ्द अरयनस्के



बाम्रगड संगम

बाम्रगड संगम

बेरेटुन वेंडना, गुंडेनोळ्क

बाम्रगड संगम, पोळ्द अरयनस्के

बीनागुंडा देबदेबा

लाहेग़ साळापोग़ोटाह पोटो

बाम्रगड संगमतगा ओडा

गुंडेनोळ्क नाटेनाहि पोटो

बाम्रगड चौक: 2019 वर्साते वातद उड्रा

पिंडि पोल्वा - गर्याता मुनेह मेस्क वाटिह्‌तोर, पदतुन अस्कलाह आस्तोर

पिंडि पोल्वा - पदता मोक ईस्तोर

पेर्माह्‌कु, बूमयाह्‌कु कोड वाटिह्‌तोर

पेन कग़्सळि

पेन कग़्सळि - पेन वडेर पेन्ह्‌किन कांजिस ओस्तोर

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